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2024 calendar through June 2025 11x17 for wall or fridge


Are you looking for a durable, clean, simple calendar with lots of room to write? I had one a few years ago that I loved, that fit perfectly on my side-by-side fridge, but when I was looking around, none of the options seemed quite right. Sometimes Goldilocks has to make her own porridge ... or in this case, calendar. I was really happy with the way it turned out, so I decided to share it with you, in case you're on the same hunt as I was!

My own calendar hangs on the fridge, so I'm offering a magnet backing option. If you'd rather hang it on nails in your wall, I'm happy to punch two holes in the top for you, or I can leave the top plain if you'd like. The pages will tear off cleanly if you like to hang them individually.

Bonus, if you're a planner girl ... the boxes are 1.5" wide, so they'll accommodate stickers made for a certain popular life planner brand (not to mention its many knockoffs).

To be clear, this is a single pad of monthly sheets, bound at the top. The second photo shows monthly pages before padding.

Each pad is composed of padded sheets of super-thick 100 lb. (or 40 lb, or 148 gsm -- so many different ways to weigh paper -- all I can tell you is that this stuff is THICK), smooth, easy-to-write-on 11 x 17 tall paper.

Do you find yourself frustrated by pads that have a cute design, but flimsy paper that tears easily, or your writing leaves an impression on the next page -- or even bleeds through? This pad is made of extra-thick, super luxurious, phenomenally smooth 40 pound (148 gsm) paper. The paper is designed for optimal printing, which turns out to also mean that it offers an effortless writing experience for your favorite pencil, ball point, roller ball or felt tip. If you're a fan of Paper Mate Flair pens, you'll love the crisp edges your pen strokes hold with this paper. If -- like me -- you find yourself erasing and rewriting as you go, I highly recommend a Pilot Frixion pen in blue ink (the black leaves a bit more of a ghost behind after erasing).

If you'd like to see how I use mine, follow me on instagram @veronicafoleysplanner

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