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2022 Digital Planner, Daily, Weekly and Monthly Pages


Are you looking for a digital planner that can help you not only with scheduling your many activities and obligations, but to become more intentional about how you spend your time? My daily digital planner is structured so each month you'll set goals and select some habits to focus on that support your goals. And each week before you tackle your overview, you'll fill out a priority matrix to help you decide which things are truly worth making time for.

The meat of this planner is the daily pages, of course, but I've always felt when I do daily planning that I can start to feel like a ping pong ball if I don't take time to look at my whole week. I developed this one-page weekly format to help me get a quick snapshot without going into so many details that the daily plan becomes redundant. This combination is one I come back to again and again. I've included all 365 days, but by no means do I recommend that you schedule every day to the level of needing daily sheets. Feel free to download clip art of a potato and paste it in over the whole day when you'll be taking a well-earned break. I definitely go through whole weeks where I find the weekly overview is enough to keep me on track.

I've included two separate daily formats. The timed hourly format is a popular one for my physical planner refill pages. Hourly is great for managing multiple time-constrained obligations each day, such as classes, appointments, carpool pickups. It's also great if you're trying to get a handle on how long it really takes you to do your daily tasks (Hint: with me, it's always longer than I think it will be!).

The time-blocking style has been my beast-mode productivity tool this year. I go into more detail about it in the listing for the note pad of the same design here: .

In addition to selecting the daily format that best suits your current needs, your files will include lined and unlined versions. The lined ones are most like the physical products I sell and will work great if your intention is to primarily write on the "pages" on your device with a stylus pen. If you prefer to type (and goodness knows, if you've seen me sign my name with a stylus pen at a cash register, you'll understand why that seems like a good option to me), the formatting options in most of the PDF markup apps I tried are not precise enough to easily align the text with the lines, and you don't need lines to type straight, so I've also included version that don't have lines at all.

On a practical note, if you're new to digital planning, so am I. I'm happy to offer product-specific help or to provide suggestions of what to google to find solutions to more general questions. The type of app you will want to work in is called a "PDF Markup Note Taking App," if you don't already have a favorite.

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