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Personalized Okapi Stationery


You could say that the lovely creature featured on this okapi stationery set is to blame for getting me started down the vintage animal artwork path. My boss was cleaning out the back room in a stationery shop where I was working, and she was about to drop an enormous book of vintage artwork from Dover in the recycling. I took it home to see if there was any artwork in it worth salvaging, and boy, was there. The book did come with a set of CDs, so accessing the artwork is fairly easy. But the CDs are only loosely classified, and the images themselves are given such unsearchable names as "DRP000498." I spent hours perusing the book, and selected this particular Okapi for my own personal stationery. And now here he (or she -- I haven't a clue how one tells the difference with okapis) is, waiting to grace your stationery, too.

The sample shows a 3-letter monogram (this arrangement goes First, Middle, Last). . . but if you'd prefer, I'd be happy to print a name instead. Just let me know the personalization details at checkout.

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