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Take charge of your schedule in style

What matters most to you? Whether you long to travel, embark on a successful career, start your own business, get fit, or simply have more relaxed time to spend with your family, you have a lot of responsibilities at home that will also have to happen along the way. Let us streamline your have-tos and free you up to pursue your wildest dreams.

What our customers are saying:

“Beautiful addition to my planner! Amazing paper quality and fast shipping. Thank you.”

“Beautiful design! As a busy clinician and mom, this item works so well in my Filofax for scheduling/organizing my work and home life. I also love using multiple colors and none of my pens/highlighters bleed through the pages. Thank you!”

“Paper and printing is top quality!”

My story:

After many years as a graphic designer, I stayed home with my kids until they started school. I always expected to have more time to pursue my own goals when the kids were older, but as they reached middle-school age and our schedule became fuller and fuller, I began to wonder where that “more time” was. I’d managed to start a stationery company, Veronica Foley Design, but I was really burning the candle at both ends, and not finding time to take care of myself, and we were eating way more processed food than I care to admit.

When my kids were in early elementary school, I had kept a physical calendar with our activities and plans on it, but as electronics improved, I had moved away from paper and toward digital planning. While there are some aspects of digital planning that I find helpful, I found that I missed being able to see at a glance what’s going on this week or this month. I also found that some things fell through the cracks … for example, my kids’ school calendar is available as an iCal file, which is so convenient to add to my phone, right? The only trouble is that if I haven’t written the dates anywhere, they don’t even enter my mind, and more than once I found myself having to scramble around and make last-minute plans when the kids would mention that they had a half-day or a day off school tomorrow!

I personally find that if I write things down physically, I tend to remember them, and if I enter them into my phone or other device, I tend to forget them. Around the time I was looking for a solution, I read an article citing research about students taking notes physically versus digitally that confirms my own experiences, so I decided to bring paper back into my life.

I tried several pre-printed planners. None of them quite fit the way my mind works, and I’m also super fussy about paper. It’s hard to find a solution with high-quality paper that is also portable. I personally don’t care to lug a year’s worth of days or weeks with me everywhere I go, but if if I leave my planner at home, it’s easy for me to forget what I meant to pick up on the way home from yoga class, so ring bound works great for me. I began designing my own inserts, and along the way, I found some buttery-soft paper that’s simply a joy to write on, and I decided to offer my planning products in my Etsy stationery shop to give my customers the chance to try them out. The feedback has been great, and I’ve decided to move to my own site in order to be able to share more of my story and process with you, and to hear from you as well.

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