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100% Cotton Custom Note pad for men


Looking for a personalized notepad that’s distinctly masculine, yet full of panache? In life, I’ve met both men and women with a wide range of interests and personalities, so I’ve never quite understood why stationery designs for women run the gamut from tailored to frilly, from delicate to bold, but men’s designs run a much narrower gamut from plain to simple. This masculine notepad breaks the mold, offering an elegant, intricate masculine monogram in a shaded roman font with your choice of motifs. Select your favorite from the pull-down menu (the motifs in the second photo are listed in order, left-to-right, top-to-bottom.)

Not only does this notepad look distinctive, the cotton paper -- in your choice of white or ivory -- gives this pad an out-of-this world opulent tactile experience as well. The soft, lush paper takes ballpoint pen or pencil crisply, while lending a swank air to even the simplest note or list.

Your pad will be constructed from 48 splendid sheets of 4.25” wide by 5.5” high cotton paper. You can enter the initials you’d like on the pad in the “note to” box at checkout. Your pad will arrive in a clear sleeve, tied up neatly with a ribbon, ready for gift giving. This opulent pad makes an especially lovely gift for male teachers, or any other men in your life who deserve an affordably extravagant show of appreciation.

Prefer a traditional “from the desk of” pad with a masculine motif? You can find it here:

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